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Analysis Of Accidents

Analysis Of Accidents
Accidents are rarely caused by a single factor or event, they are usually the result of a chain of stressful events which, if not recognized and dealt with in time, lower the level of control over the situation, a situation which quickly turns into panic and finally into an accident. It is important to understand the factors which may lead to stress and panic in order to identify them and to deal with them in time. The following article will examine the five main factor groups which may lead to stress and panic during freediving.

Physical Factors
Before entering the water, we must listen to our body and make sure it is fit enough to perform the dive. In case of the slightest doubt, the dive should be canceled. Factors which affect the body's fitness and ability to perform a freedive include smoking, fatigue, muscle cramps, blocked airways, illness etc.

Psychological Factors
During a freedive one must remain calm and at peace. Factors which may disturb one's peace and mental state include: Depression, a person who's mind is on ten different things during a freedive is wasting a lot of oxygen and is not in complete awareness of what's going on around him. Alcohol abuse slows the body's reflexes. Consumption of medicine or drugs can have great affects on ones state of mind (people who take medicine on regular basis must have the specific approval of a doctor in order to practice apnea!).

Faulty Equipment
Familiarity with the equipment and its suitability to the freediver are a key factor to enjoying the dive. The equipment must fit the freediver - using faulty equipment increases the stress factor and the risk of an accident occurring in the water. Factors which may increase the stress factor include loss of pieces of equipment, using a suit that doesn't fit the freediver's boy or the climate at the dive site, neglection of the equipment, improper treatment etc.

Environmental Factors
Even the most experienced freediver, once exposed to extreme environmental conditions, will experience stress. Extreme environmental conditions increase the rate of fatigue and the risk of an accident occurring in the water. If the environmental conditions are too harsh, the dive should be canceled. Environmental factors which may increase the level of stress include , extreme temperatures, strong winds, lack of visibility, strong fast shifting currents etc.

Lack Of Experience
Experience and training are the basis of safety and enjoyment. The lack of technical knowledge needed in a certain situation increases the level of stress and anxiety and the risk of an accident occurring in the water

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